God Reigns Supreme 

In 1 Chronicles 14:8, the Philistines sought the life of King David. David does not run but instead makes plan to go out against this foe. Before he charges into battle he makes it a point to call on God to seek His favor. God tells David that he will be victorious against the   Philistines (1 Chronicles 14:10).

Not only does David win the battle but the Bible describes his victory as clearly guided by the hand of God as seen in 1 Chronicles 14:11. The defeat of the Philistines was so complete that they left their false gods behind and David burned the gods there (1 Chronicles 14:12).

What a great contrast between the false gods of the Philistines and the true God of David and his forefathers. David inquired of the Lord and He delivered the enemy into his hand. God stood by David because David had faith in God. The false gods did nothing to help the Philistines in battle. In fact, they could do nothing for themselves. They were burned and forgotten.

This is a reminder that nothing can take the place of God in our lives. Not school, work,  or family is more important than God. When we elevate people or things above God we are no better than the Philistines and there false god’s.