A New Directory!

A New Directory!                    February 13, 2011

Directory 2011 is coming!!!  Our last updated directory was in 2008 – most of you are finding that one somewhat useless.   Things are constantly changing.  Besides the usually movement within churches, many of you are adding cell phones and dropping land-lines and using email more than ever.  These new methods of communication are as essential as the telephone used to be.  We want the new directory to contain as much information as you want to share with us.

So… we are posting an informational directory which we want you to check.  Check the information on it and add missing or new information.  If you have moved… changed phone numbers… added a child…, added an email…, etc.

A couple of things to keep in mind.  The directory is not the Book of Life. God keeps that one.  It is meant to be practical information that helps and encourages us to stay in touch with one another.  We have members who have not been here in y-e-a-r-s who want to stay in the directory.  We have people who attend e-v-e-r-y Sunday who do not want to be in the directory.  We have members who don’t care if they are in the directory or not.  We have non-members who want to be in the directory.  We have members from other congregations who attend here, but feel their membership is elsewhere.   We have those who have never indicated they want to be a part of Southside.

A simple thing gets complicated.   It’s hard to make everyone happy.

We basically follow the guideline of including those who have indicated they WANT to be members at Southside.  As elders, we want you to be here!  We want you to participate in the work and activities that we plan to bring glory to God in a spirit of peace, harmony and co-operation.  This new directory is an opportunity for you to speak and tell us what you want!  It is an invitation to work together for the Lord.

Jesus Knew…               John 13:1-11

How would you like to follow the maps Marco Polo or Columbus followed?

Rodney Atkins son in his song learned by W you!

2 Places in the Bible where it says that Jesus is our example:


John 13 – Three things Jesus KNEW as he washed the disciples feet.

1.         John 13:1 – Jesus knew he was going to

Tim McGraw sang a song, Live Like You Were

The movie The emphasized this thought.

2.         John 13:3 – Jesus knew that the Father had put all things under his

thought he had power over Jesus.

was the most powerful man who ever lived.

was a powerful man who stood over 9 feet tall

is an example of someone who wanted to show he was boss

3.         John 13:11 – Jesus knew who was to him

John 13:17: Since you know these things, you will be if you practice them!