The praise and worship of the Levites

Upon the arrival of the ark of the covenant in 1 Chronicles 16, praises were offered to God. This thanks was not given to God by all the people but rather, a chosen few. It is here that we learn a great lesson on worship. Denominationalist look to the Old Testament to prove their false stance on musical instruments in worship to God. But as we will see from the text of 1 Chronicles 16, those that used musical instruments in the Old Testament did so by certain standards that are not followed by denominationlist today.

First, the men David appointed to worship God and give thanks and praise the Lord were very specific. 1 Chronicles 16:4 tells us that is the Levites that were told to worship and praise God. No one else had any authority to do so at that time. These men were a specific group of people set apart from the rest. Those that falsely promote the use of instruments in worship do so with the premise that anyone can praise God with instruments by using the Old Testament as their proof text.

Also, notice how the Levites worshiped and praised God. The text of 1 Chronicles 16:5,6 tells the reader that they used specific instruments to carry out the worship and praise of God. If you have been in the the assembly of any denomination you have noticed that anything goes. From pianos to drums, the term “worship” has no specific meaning as it does throughout the Bible. Denominationlist do not follow any form of teaching found in God’s word but merely pick and choose words and phrases out of the Bible that fit the way they would like to conduct their lives.

The New Testament is specific as the to “Who” and “How” when it comes to worshiping God musically. Ephesians 5:19 makes reference to the who, We must speak to one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs. Colossians 3:16 tells us how to worship with music, we must be singing with thankfulness in our hearts to God. We have a standard to follow and it is not that of the Old Testament.