Nathan Delivers God’s Promise 

David wanted to build a house for God. David lived in a great palace and felt uneasy as the ark sat under a tent. David thought the ark should be in a permanent place as he was (1 Chronicles 17:1). Nathan would deliver a message to David about the status of the ark and David’s request (17:4).


The prophet Nathan pronounces a promise to David. God list four blessings within this promise for David’s future. First, God will plant His people who have been on the move so much because of war (17:9). Second, God will build a house, or a dynasty, from David. From his descendent will a kingdom be established that will last forever (17:10b-11). Third, the throne of this descendent will be established by God forever (17:12). Fourth, the loving kindness will be with him (17:13). Fifth, He will be settled, or confirmed, in my house and my kingdom forever (17:14).


God stood by His blessings. King David’s name would be made great. The subsequent chapters in the book of 1 Chronicles tell of this greatness. Among these blessings God promised to establish the throne of a descendent of David forever (17:12). That is a great promise. This promise would be fulfilled through Christ as he established the spiritual kingdom, the church. Christ has been reigning as king since the day of Pentecost. The apostle Peter preached this truth in Act 2:29-36, teaching that Christ had been raised up to sit on the right hand of God.


God keeps his promises. Though David never saw the fulfillment of this promise on earth he continued in faithfulness to God. We must continue trusting in God because He is faithful (1 Thessalonians 5:24).