David sat before the Lord

David was so awestruck by the blessings mentioned to him by the prophet Nathan (1 Chronicles 17:4-15) that he could no longer stand it, it seems. He sat in reverence and amazement at all the Lord had provided for him as he uttered precious words, “Who am I, O Lord God…?” The King referenced himself as “Your servant” ten times! David heightened the name of God and at the same time he humbled himself.


It can be hard to humble ourselves. We are taught from a young age to wear pride as an achievement, as strength. David was a powerful man but he did not let that stop him from realizing the God he served; he let go of his pride. David points out that God is a personal God (17:17), a concerned God (17:18), a unique God (17:20), a powerful God (17:21) and the list goes on.


When we spend time in prayer listing the blessings of God, we will realize that we have so much in this life. We serve an amazing God just as David points out in his prayer, but we must not let our pride get in the way of thanking God. ​