A figure of speech is called irony when the speaker intends to convey a sense contrary to the strict signification of the words employed: not with the intention of concealing his real meaning, but for the purpose of adding greater force to it.

God is ironic when He asks Adam, “where are you?”Asking a question implies that the speaker needs the information, but God knew where Adam was…He was saying “I don’t know where you are” while actually communicating “I know why you are trying to hide.”

Elijah referred to Baal as a god when he challenged the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel in I Kings 18:27. In this passage the prophet was mocking the god Baal whose worshipers were vainly calling upon him to send down fire from heaven.

Irony is regularly used throughout the Bible. The student of God’s word will do well to recognize the implications of irony.