The Christian and the Lenten Season

We are passing through the Roman Catholic and Protestant Carnival and Lenten seasons, leading to the annual celebration of Easter.  Although these are observed by millions of peoples around the world, they have no Bible basis, whatsoever.  Furthermore, they have no basis in the teaching and practices of the first century church.  On the contrary, these observances and celebrations have their basis in perverted Old Testament practices and pagan religions.

When Paul wrote to the church at Colosse, he wrote to men and women who had come out of both Judaism and paganism.  In Christ, they had been delivered from the bondages of each.  In Christ they were complete!  God had fully revealed the mysteries of His eternal plan of salvation in Christ.  In the gospel, they received the riches of a full assurances of understanding and had all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge that are available in the Faith of Christ.

However, a serious and potentially fatal danger faced the church at Colosse – and it faces us today: false worship and service.  Paul warned them to beware of false teachers who, through human philosophy and vain deceit, would beguile them to, again, become entangled in a “will worship” and service that, indeed, had a show – an appearance – of humility through fasting from foods and drinks (Touch not; taste not; handle not), and through the observance of holy days, new moons (seasons), and Sabbath days.

Dear friends, do not be deceived by religious practices that are built upon “voluntary humility” or “will-worship” (ashes worn publicly, etc.)  These are without the authority of God, of Christ, of His holy apostles, or of the New Testament of Christ.  They are of no value (vain).  They are destructive.  John 4:24.  If we are risen with Christ, we must walk in Him with thanksgiving; holding Him to be the Head of the body!

Written by Albert Farley