On Sunday nights we have begun a new study that concerns types and antitypes. This fits in our bulletin series on figures of speech. A type, as defined by Henry Virkler in his book titled Hermeneutics: Principles and Processes of Biblical Interpretation, “is a preordained representative relationship which certain persons, events, and institutions bear to corresponding persons, events, and institutions occurring at a later time in salvation history. The prefigurement is called the type; the fulfillment is call the antitype.”

For something to fit into the type category it has to meet certain criteria.

First, both the type and antitype must be actual events in history. For example: Jesus was prefigured by Isaac (Genesis 22). Second, the antitype must be greater than the type. With regard to the Isaac and Christ example, Christ is greater than Isaac.

This but only introduces a very deep subject. I hope you will join us on Sunday nights as we begin this series on types and antitypes and dig much deeper into God’s word. I know it will be a great learning and growing experience for all.