An Exciting Week

I am writing this bulletin article from my desk on Thursday the 30th of  July. We are days away from the Color Run outreach campaign. A lot of preparation has gone into this work and I know it will be successful. I mean, how can it not be – we are spreading the soul saving message of the gospel (James 1:21). I am thankful for so many that have set aside their busy schedules to help in this effort.

The tasks this week include packing bags on Friday and attending the booth on Saturday. I can honestly say that the real work begins now. Every single member here has a part to play. In the following weeks we will be reaching out to those who placed some interest in spiritual things. Some may have desired to start a correspondence course (these are available to members and visitors alike). Others may just want more information about the Lord’s church.

We all have a part in praying for these efforts. James 5:16 tells us that our prayers matter to God! We must be praying for the souls of the lost and those involved in helping them get to heaven.

The insert for this week is the tract that was written by a great friend of mine specifically for this week’s event. I hope that you will not only read it but pass it along to someone who needs encouragement.