Some Concluding Remarks on Satan’s Binding in the Abyss

This past Sunday morning I preached on the question: “Where is Satan now?” After the lesson I received questions on this topic. I’d like to say, that my approach to formulating this lesson and the conclusion was taken from a survey of Bible facts.

Revelation 20:1-7 state a specific timeline.

  1. Prior to Satan’s binding in the abyss (Revelation 20:3), he is seen throughout scripture as freely roaming upon the earth (Job 1:6-7, 1 Peter 5:8).
  2. Satan at some time is bound by an angel and thrown into the abyss where his activities are cut off from the world. During the time Satan is bound, he is no longer able to interact with the world as he once did (his indirect influence is still evident though he is bound in the abyss). He is bound, shut up, and sealed up (Revelation 20:1-3).
  3. At another distinct period in time, Satan will be released from this prison. This period of Satan’s release will be far shorter than the figurative 1000 years of his binding. He will once again be free to deceive the nations (Revelation 20:3, 7).
  4. After this relatively short period of Satan’s loosing will comes the final judgment where Satan and all who are with him will be thrown into the lake of fire, hell (Revelation 20:9-10).

In my sermon, I proposed that we are living in the time of Satan’s current binding      (point “B”). If you disagree that is okay. But realize, two events must take place before Christ can return. First, Satan must be bound in the abyss for a figurative period of time (Revelation 20:3,7). Second, Satan must be loosed from this binding for a short time (Revelation 20:3,7).