Themes in Proverbs: Gossip, Slander, and Wicked Lips

Proverbs 17:4

An evildoer listens to wicked lips; A liar pays attention to a                                                                              destructive tongue.


Would you consider yourself one who practices evil? As we strive to live the Christian life we sometimes falter in our walk. God, in His eternal plan has a path of forgiveness as long as we are walking in the light and never continuing in darkness (1 John 1:6-7).

God’s word tells us that evildoers are those who, not only speak evil words (Proverbs 10:18), but also those who listen to wicked lips. We are evildoers if we are participating in others sin.

Where might we find wicked speech? Those with wicked lips abound in our music. Wicked talk prevails in our movies and television shows. Wicked talk prevails on the internet, especially on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Wicked talk is all around and we can avoid it but we must be ready to abandon any conversation as soon as evil creeps in. If not then we have become just as evil as the lips that are speaking wickedness.