I’ll Be Listening

           The story is told of a young girl who lived in an apartment complex in a large city.  Every day about suppertime the children would be playing on the block.  One by one they would begin to go home.  One would say it’s late and she had to go… mom wanted her home by eight.  Then a father would whistle and a boy would have to leave – his signal to come home. Then a mother would call. You could not help hearing that loud, distinguished voice. The girl would recognize it and head home.  But, the one girl said, They would all go.  It would get dark and I would be there all alone, waiting for my father or my mother to call me in. They never did!!!

Sad story.  And I expect it happens all to often in today’s world.  Parents who don’t care enough to call their children home for supper.  Parents who are irresponsible.  Parents who don’t care.  Parents who are too busy.  Perhaps, in slum areas, on drugs or alcohol and too concerned with their habit to be bothered with their kids.

I was reminded of the song as I read the story, I’ll Be Listening.  I’ll be somewhere listening for my name.  In the Bible the picture of God is a picture of someone who cares.  He’s the father in the story of the prodigal son who sees his son while he is still a distance away and runs to him with open arms.  He is the shepherd who leaves the 99 and goes and searches for the one who is lost.  Or, he’s the Good Shepherd who knows his sheep by name and calls them by name.

It is good to have a God who cares!  A part of the song says, If my heart is right when He calls me…  It is good to have a God who will call us for supper.  It is also important to have a heart that is right and will listen!