Is Easter in the Bible?  I will sometimes prepare lessons on the resurrection around the time that many religions celebrate the yearly observance of Easter.  Easter is a holiday that remembers the resurrection of Christ.  I generally will share some kind of statement that Easter is not in the Bible.  Often, some will correct my statement and say, Yes it is!  You can find it in Acts 12:4.   In Acts 12:4 in the King James Version, and only the KJV, you do find the word Easter.

 BUT, I will stand by my statement that Easter is not in the Bible.  Easter is a man-made tradition that was started long after the first century… long after the church was started… and Christians in the early church had no concept of Easter and did not observe it. Thus, how can something that did not exist be included in the Bible?  Easter is not in the Bible.

 Unfortunately, the KJV made a mistake by using the word Easter in Acts 12:4.  In the Greek the word is Passover.  Every major translation renders the word Passover.  In fact, the New King James Version, which is an update of the KJV, corrected its mistake and renders the verse as Passover, not Easter.

 Any serious student of the Bible knows that Easter did not exist in the early church and Christians did not practice it.  They also realize that the KJV is a bad translation of that verse. In truth, it is not a translation of the verse at all, but an intentional misleading rendering of the passage.