A Bold New Step

 It’s that time of year – Graduation!  This year we have a bunch of high school graduates! They recently went through Commencement ceremonies.  They finished high school but went through commencement ceremonies???  Commencement means starting, beginning.  So, ironically, as they finish – they begin???  They begin a new life.  A life on their own.  A life where they will make their own decisions.   As parents, we have spent a lifetime training them for this moment.

Reminds me of the mothers who were talking, actually bragging, about their sons.  One mother said her son was a lawyer and for my birthday he gave me a fur coat.  The second one said her son was a doctor and for my birthday he gave me a vacation at Disney World.  The last one thought and said that her son saw a fancy psychiatrist every week… and he paid $100/hour to do so.  And, guess who he spends that hour talking about?  ME!!!

Well, as parents we probably do one of two things, train our kids to live right or drive them crazy!!!  It is commencement time for them.  It is judgment time for us.  It is time to sit back and see how we have trained our kids.  Having just returned from seeing Natalie and our fairly new granddaughter, I could not help but reflect on the past 30 years – Natalie just turned 30.  I found it surreal at times looking at Eden, the new granddaughter.  Where has the time gone?   30 years ago would I have dreamed Natalie would be teaching school… married to a minister… and working joyously for the Lord… raising a little girl.  I hope in part it is because of the influence we have had on her.

Like or not judgment time comes.  Like it or not we do have an influence.  One man was distraught over his son who had become involved with drugs.  He said the thing that bothers me most about his being into drugs is the fact that the drugs have made him a liar!  Just then the phone rang.  His wife called, It’s for you.  He replied, Tell them I’m not home.  One man observing him thought… the drugs had not made the boy a liar – his father had!

As they begin life… we see the life we have lived.