The Extra Mile

After several years of renting vans for events like our most recent trip, I finally found the perfect place!  I would usually check several different places… get several prices… and pick the best.  Usually it meant a trip to the airport to pick them up and a trip to the airport to drop them off.  It meant rushing to beat a drop off deadline and avoid a late fee.  I finally discovered Courtesy Chrysler/Dodge.  Located on 28th Street just a mile from the building. I got to know Larry, very friendly guy.  The first year I rented from him he had the best price.  But then he told me pick it up any time we needed.  If we didn’t get back before Friday at 5:00, just leave the van in the lot and drop the keys in the slot if they were closed.  First year that’s what I did.  We got back late.  Unlike other rental places that charge for every half hour your late.  Anyway, I really appreciated the service!!! 

This year I called Larry.  He remembered me and I got the same great service. What did you pay last year?, he asked.  I told him and he said, We’ll do the same deal.  We picked the van up on Friday, needing it for Sunday – couple days early – no problem. 

I called Trish and asked her to bring our vacuum cleaner to the building so it would be there Friday when we pulled in.  When we get back from trips the vans are… let’s just say you can tell they were lived in.  Before taking the van back I spent a half hour cleaning it out… collecting trash and vacuuming it out real well.  Sherley Cooper said to me, Charles, do you have to do all that.  I said, Have too?  No.  But I’ve built up a good relationship and I want to keep it.  And, among all the rental places I have dealt with – this is the best.  Pick up anytime… drop off anytime… no late fees, no special charges.  I am willing to go the extra mile to maintain such a great situation.

Anyway, I took the van back, this year about 15 minutes before they closed.  Larry asked how everything went… went outside to check the van and mileage.  When he came in he said, Looks good!  We usually don’t get them back that clean.   I smiled and thought thank you.  My sense is whenever we need a van, because of a little extra effort, we will get great service – probably the best van he has to offer.

Jesus gives good advice – Go the Extra Mile – it has its rewards.