The No Problem People

Auto Owners Insurance has as their motto, The No Problem People.  When you have an insurance claim the last thing you want is a problem.  The reason you are calling your insurance company is because you have a problem!  You don’t want the headache of more problems.  I have come to appreciate that motto.  I have come to appreciate no problem people.  I love no problem people!

When you are taking kids on a trip to Work Camp you do not want problem people. You want kids that are going to behave… do what they are supposed to do… and not create problems.  On a youth trip you have enough problems!!!  You appreciate no problem people!

In church, no problem people are a real blessing.  Those who love the church and work had to fit in as best they can into the church’s program and are a source of encouragement to all who come. Paul in 1 Timothy 6:4 talked about individuals who had a morbid craving for controversy.  It seems like every church has its controversy people.  Auto Owners would call them problem people.  There are those whose speciality seems to be controversy.  I think there should be a new Beatitude: Blessed are the No Problem People.   Then, again, maybe that’s what Jesus meant when he said, Blessed are the peace makers.

I was Site Leader 15 at the recent work camp.  That means I was responsible for getting the job done.  It was my responsibility to organize the job… assign duties… and yell at people.  And, oh year, I got to paint and work hard too.  My group was only 8 people this year.  Mary a 22 year old Oklahoma Christian college student… Jessica (Nashville) – 13, Nora (Nashville) – 13, Tyler (Florida) – 14, Austin (Florida) – 13, Titus (SouthSide) – 14 and Jacob (Parkersburg, WV) – 18, local Ohio Valley freshman.  I don’t know if I’m getting older but it seems like the kids are getting younger!  In my 2 years experience at work camp this was the youngest crew I ever remember.  Imagine painting houses with 13 and 14 year olds???  But, they were no problem people!  The younger kids had a mind to work as Nehemiah would say.  It was a joy to work with them.

Last night in the dorm.  I needed sleep for the long drive the next day.  But it was the last night.  The kids went wild.  Lots of noise and pranks. About 2:00 AM things settled down and I got about 4 hours sleep for the ride home. Where were the no problem people?  I might add, the kids from SS were no problem people.  We traveled well together and made good time.  A huge thanks to Sherley Cooper who is a no problem person and who made this years trip a success.