Train Up A Child…

Ann Landers received a letter from a man who was responding to a distressed lady who was worried about her son.  He said he wanted to ask some questions. Like… 

              Is he disrespectful? 

              Has he been arrested for drunk driving?  

              Has he been kicked out of college for cheating?  

              Has he made his girl friend pregnant?

              Does he get failing grades?

Does he steal money from your purse?

If the answer is No, then you have a great kid… stop complaining.   After reading those problems it makes me grateful for the problems that I have!!!

I though Ann Lander’s response though was rather interesting.  She wrote: Your letter showed just how much times have changed.  You said that if a kid today isn’t on drugs, doesn’t get failing grades… hasn’t been arrested for drunk driving… or kicked out of college for cheating… hasn’t made anyone pregnant… hasn’t stolen money… then he’s a great kid.  But you made no mention of achievement.  There’s not a word about integrity, a sense of responsibility, decency, morality or service to others.

The Bible teaches us to train up a child… to practice discipline… to teach our children.  I think she is right.  Training a child must have a positive emphasis and not just to avoid the bad.  I want to be proud of my children not just for what they refrain from doing, but also for the things the do.