If Only…

Have you ever thought what life would be like if only…  If I could go back and change things that happened in my life.   If only I had married so and so?  If only Nathan had not been born autistic?  If only I had not moved to Michigan.  If only I had been born smarter?  If only I had been born rich instead of good looking?  Er… well… my imaginatin runs wild!

We often play the if only, then I would be happy game.  If I could only change my job… if I could only buy a new home… if I could only have enough money to retire… if I only had this… if I only had that…  What we are really doing is looking for happiness in all the wrong places. 

Will Rogers said that now and then he grew tired of the same old surroundings.  He would then wish for a new place to live and work.  He said he would pick some city that sounded attractive.  But, before he moved there he would subscribe to the local newspaper.  He would read the paper for 30 days.  After doing that he said he would always decide NOT to move.  The news from where he planned to live was no better than the news where he lived!

The moral of the story is that we make our own happiness.  If only living never made anyone happier.  Play the cards you are dealt and create you own happiness!