We Did It!

In the movie Legally Blonde, Reese Witherspoon plays a dumb blonde who solves a murder case and becomes a very competent lawyer.  She graduates head of her class and gets to make the graduation speech.  She closes in an excited voice, We did it!  Those are big words.  Another famous 3 word sentence that is a very powerful too are the words of Jesus as he died on the cross, It is finished!


Our Work Camp 2011 is over.  We did it!   It is finished!


2.5 houses painted in 4 days by about 30 people – young and old.  This year was a bit of a challenge.  We worked well into the afternoon on Friday.  We did not finish early with a lot of time on our hands, but worked hard till the very end.  This year both owners came to our banquet and both highly praised the new look to their homes.  Both houses were a challenge in the sense they were in bad shape.  Both houses were transformed!  I am glad one of them is on Eastern Avenue because I will pass it virtually every day.  An eyesore has truly been made beautiful.  I didn’t work on that house, but I applaud those who did.  Bob Holland and I sat across the street at the house we worked at shaking our heads having a hard time believing we were looking at the same house we started with.  We commented to each other on how it could be done with a bunch of 13, 14, 15 year old kids???  Our house had some pretty high spots.  The house looks great.


This year we also took on the house of Mary Hornbugor, a member at Grandville.  It was more like projects that we took on, but still turned out to be quite challenging.  She had high praise for the important touch ups to her house as well.


Again I say – We did it!   It is finished!