10 Things I Have Learned From Gardening

Greg Elderkin started it last week with his lesson on caterpillars and soils.   I am continuing his thoughts this morning thinking about The Wonderful World of Weeds.  I found the following that fit in well with the lesson.  They are words of wisdom…

10:         We really do reap what we sow.  Good seeds bear good fruit.

 9: Without rains and storms there is no growth – no fruit is produced.

 8: When weeding, be careful!  We can’t always tell the difference between a nasty weed and a beautiful flower.

 7: Deep roots are a good thing.  Without them, we’ll wither and die.

 6: Pruning and trimming, as painful as it seems, actually works to our advantage.

 5: In gardening, as in life, cheating does not work.  Short-cuts, slipshod efforts, and neglect always show up in the quality of our garden.

 4: Like anything worthwhile, beautiful gardens require attention, hard work, and commitment.

 3: We cannot rush the harvest.  Bearing fruit takes time and patience.  Premature fruit is almost always sour.

 2: Gardening and growing is a lifetime experience.  We can experience growth and beauty until the day we die.

 1: Fertilizer helps!  In fact, nothing much grows without it.