Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light to my path, Psalms 119:105


Today is the day we present Bibles to our graduates.  Being the one who works primarily with our young people it is my pleasure to hand out the Bibles.  It is a tradition that goes back several years, as long as I can remember.  We present either Bibles or Bible help books which they may have asked for.  They can pick their translation.  It is a largely symbolic effort.  We want in some way to encourage them to be faithful to the Lord.  Hopefully, the Bible or books become useful to them. We hope they wear-them-out!  Maybe one day look back and remember this day and remember it as one of the things that encouraged them to remain true to God.  It’s a Bible, but with it goes our prayers and well wishes.


Following our service this morning Dan Scholten will be awarding scholarship money to a few of our teens that have been actively involved in the church programs, mainly based on their attendance.  As we award this money we pause to remember a lady who was so actively involved in the work at SS for many, many years, Barb Butler Surine.  Barb had a deep love for SS and its youth.  She left money for us to invest for the purpose of awarding scholarships to our young people who are going on to higher education.  The money we present comes from her investment and does not come out of the church treasury.


Today is pot luck day!  We hope that you stay and enjoy not only good food, but good fellowship as well.


Today we also pause to look at our Work Camp.  Our Work Camp is a growing tradition. Started last year we painted two houses, FREE of charge, following the spirit of the Ohio Valley work camp.  We saw the great work going on there and could not help but think, Why not do it in Grand Rapids?  This year we also did two houses, however, they were larger and more challenging houses.  We also did some minor, but important projects, for a member of the church in Grandville.  Mary Hornbugor was very appreciative of the work we did for her.  This is not just a work project.  It is more than painting a house.  It affords to us the opportunity to learn the value of reaching out to others in service.  It is rewarding to see the smiles on the faces of the people we help.  And it affords our kids the opportunity for some wonderful fellowship.  As you watch pictures this afternoon, I hope you can catch the spirit of that rewarding week.