Unusual Response

Sunday we had an unusual response and a GREAT DAY!!!

It was a day to remember.  We presented Bibles to our graduates, 7 this year!!!  It may be the largest number of grads we ever honored in one Sunday – I do not remember a larger number in almost 25 years at SS.  This particular group leaves a lot of good memories as well.  We wish them a bright future.


We also gave out scholarship money from the Barbara Butler Surine fund.  We had 4 seniors who participated and we gave out $3400 in scholarship money.  This is the third year of the program and this was the largest awards distribution.  Now the program is in the third year we are beginning to see how it is going to run and operated.  In addition to the money we gave out we have kids coming up who have already qualified for $3100 in scholarship money.  It is a unique and special program.  Though no money is guaranteed, it seems like our kids, simply based on their attendance and participation, can earn some pretty good scholarships over their last 6 years at SS.


We concluded the day by taking a look at our Work Camp.  Part of the pleasure of the week is looking back!   Seeing the pictures brought a lot of joy to those who spent the week working on the program.  And the final 4 pictures were great.  We saw 2 before pictures followed by 2 after pictures.  Wow!!!  Great job.


But, for me, the unusual part of the day was a response to the invitation.  We had a couple visiting with us from Clio, Michigan, near Flint.  They found us on our Web site.  They had high praise for the Web site.  But, their response was just to let us know how much they appreciated worshiping with us!  That has never happened in all the years I’ve been preaching.  They had only high praise for the welcome they received… the Bible Class… the singing… the sermon…  On a scale of 1-10, we rated a 10+ in their book.  They promised they would visit again.  It is one of those things that make you proud, mainly, because we did nothing special for them – we were just being our self!  They were a delight to meet.  My sense is that a lot of what the experienced last Sunday was what was inside of themselves.  They were actively involved in the work of the church in Mt. Morris.  To them worship was not a trampling of the courts with many offerings and prayers, as we studied from Isaiah recently, but a genuine reflection of their lives for Christ.