10 Years

It has been 10 years since the 911 attack.  For most of us it seems like yesterday.  It is hard to believe that 10 y-e-a-r-s has gone by.  We are still living with the results of that day.  Life has changed dramatically because of that day.


Moments like 911 make us stop and think.  Stop and take a look at life.  Stop and appreciate life.  Stop and value life, and in many cases, re-evaluate life.  The Bible is right when it reminds us that life is brief and it passes so quickly.


Last Wednesday there was a incredible sunset.  I missed it.  It was 9:00 before I was able to leave the building after services last Wednesday.  The sun had already set, in fact, it was dark.  But watching the news/weather that evening they showed several pictures that viewers had sent in of the sunset.  They said that the pictures did not do the sunset justice.  Beautiful pictures, but the actual sunset was even more beautiful!  However, the next evening as I went for a walk there was another beautiful sunset – full of oranges and blues. Evidently not as beautiful as the evening before, but still beautiful enough for me to stare and appreciate, and even just stop to take it in a time or two.


I also learned while on vacation that baby months equal about 3 human years.  We talk about dog years, one dog year equals 7 human years.  When a dog is 1, he is 7 in human years… when he is 2, he is a 14 year old human… when 3, he is 21… etc.  Well, it had been only 3 weeks since we last saw Eden, but in baby months it was about 3 years!  She had grown and changed so much in just 3 weeks.  At that age as they are learning words and expressing themselves, the progress is amazing to the point of being mystifying.


What it all means is a famous line from the movie Hitch: Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it’s the moments that take your breath away. Good advice.  Capture and appreciate the moments of life because they are gone so quickly – much like a missed sunset that you can never re-create.  The trick is to learn to appreciate them every day as they happen and it not take a 911 event to make us stop and smell the roses.