Come and See

Twice in John 1 we read the phrase, Come and see.  I have noticed that the practice in some stores are not to give verbal instructions to customers as to where to find things, but to actually go with the customer and take them to where they can find what they are looking for.  I have especially noticed this in Menards and Home Depot.  I have noticed it in my own home as I ask Trish, Where’s the…  She doesn’t tell me, she takes me by the hand and leads me and points to whatever it is I’m looking for.  That’s because she knows something can be right in front of my nose and I may not see it!  I always feel bad when the Home Depot guy has to walk from one end of the store to the other to help me, but then I think he has a job… he’s getting paid by the hour… and it is the only way I will ever find what I’m looking for!!!



I like those words, Come and see!  They are evangelistic words.  They are the best way to lead someone to Christ.  The best way to lead someone to Christ is through example.  Over the years I have known several Christians who project themselves as being strong.  They know the Bible. They are involved in church activities.  But, they often criticize the church. They are issue oriented and have strong opinions about soundness of the church.  My experience is that these individuals do not lead people to Christ.  In fact, their dissatisfaction with church speaks louder than their love for the Lord.  On the other hand, someone who loves the church and can speak well of the church, they are the soul winners. They can invite a person to a positive church experience and say, Come and see!  They can say it excitingly.  They can share what they love and what they experience every time they go to church.  So, as you live your life each day, don’t be afraid to say to some one, Come and see!  Come share the joy I have in serving Christ.  Take them to where they can find what they are looking for!!!