The 36th Street Bridge

It’s been a long summer, in part, because of the 36th Street bridge.   Since our church building is on 36th Street the bridge is somewhat important for us.  Folks that get here via US 131 could not exit or go home as usual.  I learned how many times I use that bridge to cross over to the other side of town.  Usually, I’m about Division and then I remember, I can’t go this way!  So, I head down to 32nd Street to get around.  Minor inconvenience.


I remember in September driving across the bridge for the first time after it was finished.  Barricades were still up, but they were letting traffic through as they finished up the ramps and cleanup.  I remember thinking, Nice bridge.

I also remembered back to this spring when they closed the road.  They also basically closed US 131 as they started the project.  They did it on the weekend when there was less traffic.  You could get through on US 131, but you had to go up the ramp and then back down as they tore the bridge down.  As I remember it the bridge was torn down over that weekend and US 131 was open on Monday morning with two of the three lanes for traffic.  Backups were minimal during the rebuilding of the bridge as Trish had to travel that road every day to work.

Hmmm… torn down in 3 days… months to rebuild.   Torn down in 3 days… months to rebuild.  That’s the way it is in life – isn’t it?  Relationships can be torn down in a moment.  How long does it take to rebuild them?  Think of all the ways you can destroy a relationship.  Most of them can be done quickly, without a thought.  Think of how long it takes to restore a relationship?  How long does it take to overcome anger?  Hurt feelings?  Bitterness?  Sometimes we never get over things.  Often there are lingering ill feelings.

All this to say, it is easy to tear down.  It is hard and time consuming to build up.  For some tearing down is easy and come natural.  Blessed are the Barnabas-s, the Son of Encouragers, who set out to be encouragers and build-er-upers.