Be Prepared

What do you do with old battleships?  Three of them, the Iowa, the New Jersey, and the Wisconsin were put in mothballs.  They were great ships weighing 58,000 tons… they had 17″ of armor and superior speed for their function.  They played a major role in winning WWII.

But with our modern navy, the ships were deemed out-dated and they were dry-docked.  Dry-docked means the boilers and hundreds of miles of pipes were drained.  Fuel and flammable liquids were siphoned out.  Motors were cleaned thoroughly. Pumps were filled with preservative chemicals.

Also, openings were covered with sealants to prevent moisture from getting in.  Winches, machinery and any moving parts were covered with airtight igloos.   Dehumidifiers were installed everywhere in the ships.  Some thought it would have been cheaper to sink them… use them as target practice.

They were stored like that for 25 years!  Then Ronald Reagan ordered them to be re-commissioned to help increase the size of the Navy.  Almost immediately the ships were made sea-worthy.  When the senior staff boarded the Iowa, they said it was as if the ship’s crew had merely gone on weekend leave!  Duty schedules posted 25 years earlier had not even yellowed!

You talk about being prepared!  Are you ready?   Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour…