Further Than Ever Before

Doug Pell gave an interesting devo this past Wednesday night from 1 Corinthians 1 on having the same mind… not being divided… being united.  It’s amazing what can be done when people work together in harmony and peace.



In one of the Lord of the Rings movies Frodo and Sam are leaving their shire, a land of streams and valleys and meadows and forests.   They are leaving on a journey together.  As they travel Sam suddenly stops.  Frodo turns to him and says, What’s the matter, Sam?  Sam says, If I take one more step, I’ll have gone further than I’ve ever been before.



Sometimes it is frightening to go further than you’ve ever gone before.  Have you ever come out of your comfort zone to do something you’ve never done before?  Do you remember the first time you ever did something for the first time?  Do you remember the first time you took the family car after getting your license?  Do you remember the first day in a new school?  My dad was in the Air Force, I went to a lot of new schools for the first time.  It was always tough because it was a new city… new house… and you knew no one at school.



In the movie, Frodo smiles… walks back to Sam… puts his arm around him and reminds him it is a dangerous thing just to walk out the front door of your house!  Wow!  In today’s world there is a lot of truth in that!  But, then together they take the next step – further than he’s ever been before… then the next step… then the next step.  Having that someone to take the next step with can be very comforting.



And the movie teaches us that together – we can go further than we’ve ever been before.