You Have To Be Present To Win

Have you ever entered a drawing which said, You have to be present to win.  Often what we want is to fill out the form… drop it in the barrel… and go home and wait for them to call us with our prize!  Most of us think we will not win, and for good reason, most of the time we don’t!  But, if it’s something we really want… and there is a chance… if the stakes are high enough… sometimes we may stick around just incase lightening does strike!  At the Breakfast Club I attend twice a year they have a drawing for a $10 Meijer gift card.  I have won it twice over the years.  The odds of winning are somewhat decent as they give out about 8-10 of them and there is usually about 40-50 of us present.  Several times, however, members have left early and their number was drawn. They were not present, so they did not win.


Church is a lot like that.  You have to be present to win!  There is a built-in reward from attending services.  There is a cumulative affect over the years of faithful attendance.  Before you know it you become a better person.  Before you know it your love for the Lord increases.  Before you know it you find it fun… and you even look forward to being there!


There is an advantage to committing yourself to work and worshiping with a church.  You become a part of it.  Before you know it you find yourself becoming best friends with those there.  Before you know it you love their company and you feel like something’s missing when you can’t be with them.  Before you know it you feel at home and you want to make it the best church it can be.  You find yourself encouraging others to come and be a part of it. All that because you placed your membership and committed yourself to be a part.


And, the work of the church got easier and fun-ner because everyone was working together and sharing the load.  I like the story of the woman who was complaining that her back hurt because she had rearranged the furniture in her house.  A friend asked her why she didn’t wait until her husband got home.  She said, I could have, but the couch is easier to move if he’s not on it!


Are you on the couch or off of the couch!