When You Need It the Most!

Have you ever wondered why you should place your membership and become an active part of the church?


A For Better or For Worse cartoon struck me as interesting recently.  The young boy is building with blocks.  He adds one too many blocks before he has what he wants and the whole thing comes crashing down.  He screams, Aagh!!! Not again!  Next frame he kicks the blocks all over the room saying, Stupid, dumb, crummy…  Mom comes in to see the anger fit and carries him off to bed.  He says, I don’t wanna go to bed!, and cries, Waaah!!! Things settle down… he’s in bed and says, Mom? Aren’t you gonna kiss me good night?  Mom stops in her tracks, turns and looks at him, To tell you the truth, Mike, when you act like that… I just don’t feel like kissing you at all!


Mike, a bit more humble says, But, mom, that’s when I need it the most!


In almost 40 years of preaching now, I don’t know how many times I have picked up the phone to hear someone calling when they needed it the most.  Some hadn’t been to church in years.  Some thought they would never need the church.  Some are lonely.  Some, actually, MANY, have a problem and don’t know where to turn.  Perhaps a good definition of church is: when you need it the most.


I like church on Wednesday nights.  Often that has been the time I needed it the most.  I like church when I want to be with friends.  I like church when I need to be encouraged and built up.  I like the church when there is some one that I can help.  I like Sundays, often the best day of the week.  I like the kind of people at the church that encourage me to live right.


Come to think of it, the church is what I need the most.  The start of the new year is a good time become a part of a great group of people who love the Lord.