The Right Tense

Having just experienced Eden week it was fun watching the mind of a 19 month child. I was amazed at how much she absorbed!  It had only been a month since we last saw her but she continues to grow.  We were most amazed at her language.  She repeats.  She repeats whatever we say.  Her ability to learn words… new words was fun to watch.  It was obvious to me, in my unbiased opinion, that we have a genius in the family!

One of the things I have noticed about small children and those learning the English language is that often they get the tense wrong.  It’s not a big deal as we can still understand what they are saying.  But, a small child might say, I was going to the store, meaning they were getting ready to go or they are going to the store.  Sporting a new dress a child might say, I was pretty, meaning I am pretty. Though not a hindrance to communication it is nice to get the tense right.

I like what I read recently.   Someone writes that baptism is not a past event, it is a present fact. I thought, Wow! What a statement.  As we think about our baptism we might say, I was baptized into Christ.  Would it be correct to say, I am baptized into Christ?  Paul writes, I am crucified with Christ.  It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me.  Paul didn’t say, I was crucified with Christ…   Paul’s transformation was on-going, a present fact.

 The tense we use often makes a difference in the life we live.  I taught Bible class or I teach Bible class.  I invited people to church or I invite people to church.  There is often a difference in the way we used to live and the way we live today