Before It Was Work!

Do you remember the times before work became work?  Maybe it was the time your dad let you paint?  Or, finally, after begging and begging he let you mow the lawn.  Or, maybe it was the day that you shoveled the driveway after the big snowfall.  You did it before he got home and you did it by yourself and you were so proud.  You never thought about asking for money for doing the job, it was fun and you were happy to do it.  Or, maybe it was the time you raked the leaves.  You created the huge-ist pile of leaves.



Somewhere in time, he let me mow the yard became he made me mow the lawn.  It reminds me of the small girl who mowed the lawn for the first time.  Her neighbor saw her and asked, Would you like to mow my yard?  Sure was the instant answer. The neighbor said, Ok, how about for $10?  With that she signed and said, I only have $5.  He was going to pay her… she thought she was supposed to pay him for the privilege of mowing his yard!



Sometimes we lose the joy of service.  But, once we know the joy of service it is hard not to want to serve.  There is a sense of joy… a sense of satisfaction… just a wonderful feeling… that comes from doing things for others.  There is a euphoric feeling of doing something and not being paid for it.  There is a euphoric feeling from doing something for someone that they never knew it was you.  You did it in secret – and your reward was in the secret.



If you have lost that feeling – find it again!  Reawaken some special feelings and joy.