Taking Aim

As 2011 approaches it is always a time for reflection and looking forward… looking backward and ahead.  One of the important things as we do this, as individuals and as a church, is focus.  If the focus is not right – nothing will be right.

Matt Emmons was an Olympic gold medalist in rifle shooting in 2004.  He was on target to win another event at Athens that year.  He had a commanding lead… but in his last shot of the competition he made the mistake of hitting a bull’s eye!  Normally that’s good… his mistake was he hit the wrong target.  That momentary loss of focus dropped him from first place to eighth.

Have you ever done that?  Done everything right only to be wrong?  I was playing golf years ago with some guys at SS.  It was a new course and I was not familiar with it.  It was a short par 4 on an elevated tee box.  It was an easy hole… a driveable hole if you hit a good drive, which I did.  The ball landed on the green.  After I did it they all just laughed.  It was a double tee box.  One direction went to one hole… driving the other direction went to the other hole.  Not knowing the course, I teed up and hit to the wrong hole.  They knowing the course didn’t say a word… just watched and laughed.

Doing good is not the only thing.  Doing it with the right focus is also key.  As you look to 2011 what is your focus going to be?