The State of the Church

This morning we will be presenting what I call, The State of the Church.  We will take a brief look at 2011 and outline some goals and plans for the future.  I believe very strongly in the Restoration plea aspect of churches of Christ.  I think the church is unique in the world we live in in several ways.  It is the uniqueness of the church that makes it stand out in today’s world.  Let me share with you some of the uniqueness of the church borrowed from the Mission Statement of Harding University which they published recently.


An important aspect of our institutional identity is our belief in the Bible as the fully inspired and authoritative word of God.  We hold it to be God breathed and the basis of our teaching and life.


Harding University has always been a leader in world missions. Nearly 1/3 of all the missionaries who have gone out from churches of Christ have graduated from Harding… {Evangelism is important to the life of the church} we continue to believe that salvation is found only in Jesus Christ and that Christians are to go and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19).


Harding has always been deeply connected with churches of Christ, and we reaffirm this connection. Our goal will be to continue to hire only members of churches of Christ as faculty and administrators. Though we live in a time of significant confusion over our brotherhood’s identity, we are determined that Harding will become captive to neither a rigid legalism on the right nor a formless liberalism on the left… we affirm on this occasion such distinctive convictions of the mainstream churches of Christ as baptism for the remission of sins,    a capella music in worship, and male spiritual leadership.


It is my hope that SS will always be a church that stands for and teaches NT Christianity without compromise.