Love Feasts

In Jude 12 we read about love feasts. What is a love feast?

Though not 100% sure, we think they were basically like pot lucks we have today. The Easy To Read version says the special meals you share together. I like that! Pot Lucks are the special meals we share together!

Today following services we will share a special meal together. Every fourth Sunday we schedule a special meal together. The traditions we have developed is to share a meal and then pause for a brief closing devo together. We then do not have a evening service. It is a special Sunday for several reasons.

Pot lucks are a time to visit and catch up on news. More than just brief greetings as we leave from the lobby.

Pot lucks are a time to enjoy good food! You have choices. Lots and lots of choices. Who doesn’t enjoy a buffet?

Pot lucks are a time to over-eat. Or, they are a time to test your will-power.

For me, they are a time for fried chicken! The past several pot lucks I always have brought fried chicken. Colonel Sanders is always a popular choice on pot luck Sundays.

Perhaps the greatest reward of a special meal together is simply the fellowship. We have the chance to enjoy one another’s company!

So, as Jed would say on the Beverly Hillbillies, Come on in and sit a spell. Take off your shoes. Enjoy the special meals you share together.