I Want to Serve the Lord a Half of a Year

What would you think of a person who said that he wanted to serve the Lord for a half of a year?  Actually I think there are many people who do serve the Lord about half the time.  The older I get the more important it is to me to serve the Lord for a half a year.  Let me explain.

It is said of Asa, the king of Judah, in 1 Kings 15:14 that he was wholly true to the Lord all his days.  That’s a great statement.  I want to serve the Lord all of my days… to the day I die.  That’s why the half year is important.

Have you ever notice that only kids measure their life in half years?  Ask a young kid how old he is and he will tell you, proudly, I’m 4½ years old.  He’s not 5 yet… he’s no longer 4… he’s 4½ .  That half is important to him!  You might hear one say he is 7½ or 9½ .  It is a way to say, I’m growing… I’m big… I’m not little anymore.

Then, we move into life and the importance of the half disappears.  You might say, I’m going to be 16 or I’m about to turn 18, but you do not usually say half.  When you turn 30, you realize that life is beginning to pick up pace.  At 38 you’re pushing 40, but that’s not said with a lot of pride.  They you talk about the BIG 4-0 or the BIG 5-0 – that’s 40 and 50. Then it becomes, I made it to 60 and I HIT 70.  80 is just a, Wow, I can’t believe it.

Then, oddly, we resort to using half’s again.  We find ourselves saying, I’m 93 and a half, or, I’m 102 and a half.  After a certain age those half’s become important again.  Mainly because at that age you may not see the other half.  I’ve HIT 60.  I’m heading toward the WOW years.  And one day I hope to see the half-years again.  If I do I want to still be serving the Lord half a year.  I want to be faithful until death.