I’m Going To Buy A Happy Meal!!

Its been years since I bought a Happy Meal.  In fact, I don’t even remember the last time I did.  But sometime this past week I will buy a Happy Meal.  We are off to see Eden.  Her dad went on a trip to Haiti with others at church.  Natalie said it would be nice to have some company and help with Eden.  So, we’re off for a week. We’ll save her some childcare money.  I said I would come if I could buy Eden a Happy Meal.  Natalie said she doesn’t even know what one is… she’s never had one.


Wow! Almost 2 and never had a Happy Meal.  I wonder why they call them Happy Meals? Is it because of the chicken McNuggets?  Is it because of the cheap price?  Is it because of the toy?  Is it because everything is child-sized, the perfect size for a 2-year-old?  I think they come with apples now.  I’m going to get it with fries, just like I used to buy them for my kids.  I figure her first Happy Meal should be a real one!


They have a kids play area at the McDonald’s we’ll be going to.  We will check that out.  As I write this I’m thinking it’s going to be a great time.  It’ll be a time to watch.  It’ll be a time to watch her eyes as she discovers the play room.  It’s always fun watching young eyes discover things.  It’ll be a time to spoil.  Whatever she wants to do… whatever she wants to eat… Mom will be working so there will be no one to say, No.  Unless it’s Trish and I haven’t decided to let her come just yet.  Eden is talking now.  Actually, talking a lot.  I don’t always understand the words.  Sometimes the words don’t make sense.  Often it takes her awhile to pick the words and put them together.  You can see her thinking.  But, strangely even words that don’t make sense – are meaningful.


I make every attempt to visit when parents have newborn babies. I enjoy holding them for the first time in the hospital.  It is a time of wonderment for me.  I can’t help but wonder what the future holds for such a tiny newborn baby.  What is neat for me as I teach the middle/high school kids now is… I remember holding some of them as babies!  Many who are now having babies – I held as a baby!  Those kids are special to me.


And, as I write this I now know why they call them Happy Meals.  It has nothing to do with the meal.  It’s the time spent together with someone special. Happy Meals are really Happy Times. It will be the best $1.99 I have spent in a long time.  I hope there are more in my future – and yours.