Tops For Families

Tops For Families, that was the headline in the Grand Rapids Press, April 6, 2012.  It was not the opinion of those living in Grand Rapids.  It was the result of a study done by Forbes Magazine.  They named Grand Rapids and West Michigan as the Number 1 place to raise a family in the United States!  When Fred Meijer died not long ago one of the things he had said was that Grand Rapids was a great place to raise a family.




Well, it is a rather subjective opinion, but there is some pride in being named the best place to raise a family.  In my 25 years here I have wondered and complained about seeing elders retire and move south.  The church needs strong leadership. Grand Rapids being a mission point for the church could really profit by leaders who are committed to stay. So, I wonder, Why leave such a great place?




Actually, the best place to raise a family is in the Lord.  We are blessed to have so many young families at SouthSide who are just beginning to have children and beginning that awesome task of raising their families. It is an awesome task… it is an awesome responsibility.  Grand Rapids is a great place to do it!  We now have proof!  And, the church is a great asset to raising a family.  My prayer is that you will make Grand Rapids an even better place… and that you make SouthSide an even better church!