A Secret Lesson

This past week we learned that at least 11 Secret Service agents were brought home from Colombia because of their improper behavior.  Their improper behavior included partying… drinking… and prostitution.  Fortunately these were not the agents assigned to the immediate protection of the President, but all of them had high classified clearance.  Any of them could have revealed top secret information.  And in the spy game the best way to obtain top secret information is with alcohol and women.  Give them a good time… get them drunk… and then have seductive women get the secrets out of them.  Isn’t that kind of how Samson lost his hair… his strength… and eventually his life?


The results???  The men were called home immediately.  Suspended from their jobs.  Reprimands on their records.  Embarrassed.  Some if not all will lose their jobs (as I write this I read that 3 of them have already been fired).  Promising careers down the drain.  Those were the consequences that I read about.


But, looking deeper these men had to come home to their wives and families.  Can you imagine how they must have felt having to face their wives and families?  The career punishment is bad enough in and of itself.  One must wonder if their families will survive. What are the consequences for their marriages?  What do they tell their kids?


Former Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino had a secret.  He was having an affair with a 25 year old woman that he had hired, no doubt, because of the affair.  It all came apart as a result of a motorcycle ride on which they had an accident.  He tried to cover up his secret affair. (Reminds me of a Bible story – David tried to hide a similar secret!)  The result?  He lost a $3.5 million job and reportedly was now working on saving his marriage and family. The results of that effort are yet to be seen.


The secret to a happy life: The right way to live is to live right.