What Causes Wars?

What causes wars?  Interesting question.  It’s a good debate question with many answers. Actually, James asked the question in James 4:1: What causes wars, and what causes fightings among you?  His answer is also interesting.  James says it is our own selfish desires.  These selfish desires come from within.


What causes wars?  It is us.  It is our selfishness.  It is our discontent.  As James goes on to say we want something and don’t get it.  So… we are jealous and commit murder… Sometimes we are our own worst enemies.


Remember Achan who stole the goods from the city of Jericho which God said were devoted to him.  There would be many more opportunities for spoil while taking the land.  But, God wanted the first spoil to be his.  Everything was devoted to the Lord and it was to be destroyed.  Everything was ok until Achan saw the things – the gold… the silver… the mantle.  Then the selfish desires… the inside Achan… took over and he took the things.  In a word Achan’s – discontentment.


We are hard to satisfy.  I like the cartoon that showed two fields separated by a fence.  Each field was the same size… each field had plenty of lush green grass.  In each field was a mule with his head stuck through the wire fence, eating grass from the pasture on the other side of the fence, though it was hard to reach.  In the process each mules’ head became caught in the fence.  They were both braying unable to free themselves.  The cartoon had a one word title:   Discontent