Do You Appreciate the Church?

Today is Mother’s Day!  We do wish all mothers a happy day.   It is a tough job they have.  It can be a frustrating job.  One mother decided to switch things up one summer.  She decided to send the dog to camp and her children to obedience school.  Someone has said, The hand that rocks the cradle usually is attached to someone who isn’t getting enough sleep.  We often want more sleep.   Now that I think about it, that desire began for us about the time we had children?

In our class Wednesday night we talked about the two parables told by Jesus in Matthew 13 – finding a treasure hidden in a field and finding the pearl of great price.  Both symbolic of those who find the Kingdom of Heaven.  In both there is great joy.  It seems one was found by accident, the treasure in the field, and one was found as a result of a great search, the pearl.  The parables suggest that is often how people find the church.  Some by accident… some by a life-long search.  We also suggest that there was a third way like in the case of Timothy.  His faith was passed down from grandmother… to mother… to him.  True, at some point Timothy had to accept that faith and make it his, but it is a great blessing to be raised in the church.

Opinions vary, but my sense is that those who are raised in the church often appreciate less the treasure, the pearl of great price, that is theirs.  Salvation is a treasure to be appreciated! My parents were not raised in the church.  A friend converted my father, who in turn converted my mother. However, once converted they totally embraced the church and the restoration concept – going back to NT Christianity.  My earliest memory in life was of the church.  I do not remember when church was not a part of my life.  I remember cookies and Kool-aid at VBS.  I remember Sundays and Wednesdays were church night – period, it was never a choice.

Hopefully, we have past that love onto our children and the church does seem to be ingrained into their life – and with joy!  However, often after a few generations many fail to appreciate the church in their life.  Often, they even become rebellious.  Often, they argue against the very thing they loved.  Reminds me of the words of Jesus in Matthew 11:6: Blessed is he who takes no offense at me.  Or as another translation says, The person who can accept me is happy!   Jesus gave plenty of reasons to believe in him – blind see, lame walk, lepers cleansed and the deaf hear.  Good advice: Don’t lose your reason to believe.  Appreciate what you have.