The Pain of Overreacting

How do you like your crow?  Well done?  Seasoned with spices?   No matter how you like it – it doesn’t taste good.


The Senior class at Kenowa Hills came up with a unique prank for their senior activity.  They decided to ride their bikes to school.  Many pranks have resulted in property damage or caused pain and agony to someone.  One class put the principal’s car on the school roof.  This idea was better than slashing all the tires on the school buses. You get the idea. This class not only came up with this simple idea, they contacted the police for an escort to ensure a safe ride.  They contacted the mayor who joined them for the occasion.  They told their parents what they were doing and the parents were all for it.


They got to school only to find an irate principal who sent them home and suspended 65 seniors… banned them from their final senior walk around campus… and threatened to keep them from graduation ceremonies.  Police escort… informed their parents… the mayor was in support…  Everyone was saying, What? Why are they in trouble?  At the school board meeting that night – which had to be moved to a larger arena – there was an angry crowd.  The story drew national media attention.  The principal and superintendent defended the reaction.


Next day… Yesterday I made a mistake and sincerely regret my actions.  Did I overreact? In retrospect, of course I did… I apologize to the students, their parents, and the community for a reaction that blew this incident out of proportion and called into question the character of our students. Our senior class has demonstrated leadership, unity and school pride through this school year.


Next day… Newspaper article reads: Students accept apology. Class president says, I think this is something we can all move past now.


Hmmm… Have you ever overreacted?  I hate eating crow, but sometimes it is necessary.  The principal came to her senses.  She didn’t have to get her car off the school roof.  The school didn’t have to buy new tires for all the buses.  She was man enough… I mean, woman enough, to say she overreacted.  She was big enough to say she made a mistake.  She was big enough to apologize – sincerely.  The students were big enough to accepted it. And unity and happiness were restored.


The 65 students were un-suspended… the seniors rescheduled their final senior walk… and they walked graduation.