Why Do I Believe?

Do you believe that David was a real person?   An odd question for those who are students of the Bible.  Imagine you are not a Bible-believing person.  Would you believe that a boy killed a giant that was over 9′ tall?  With a slingshot?   For years many thought it was a myth. Outside of the Bible there was no historical evidence that David existed… that he was a king over Israel.  However, a stele was found at the ancient site of Dan, dated 200 years after David had died.  A historical document, not written by Bible believing people.  The stele made specific mention of the house of David!  Suddenly, we had historical proof that David was real!

Is the story of Noah and a flood that destroyed the earth real?  Is the story of Sodom being destroyed because of homosexuality real?  Is the story of Solomon being so wise that a queen traveled a great distance to hear his wisdom real?  Is the story of Jonah spending 3 days in a whale real?  Did God really create Adam & Eve?  Amazing stories that sound more like myths than reality.

I love Peter’s words in 2 Peter 1: For we did not follow cleverly devised myths…  And, Christians today are not believing in myths, as unbelievable as the stories in the Bible may seem to some.

Here’s why I believe the stories to be real.  No, it is not because of historical discoveries like the one at Dan that proved David to be a real person.  I believe the stories because Jesus believed them.  If Jesus believed them to be real, not myths, I believe them to be real because I believe in Jesus!

Jesus thought the story of Noah and the flood to be real – Matthew 24:37ff

Jesus thought the story of creation to be real – Matthew 19:4ff

Jesus thought the story of Solomon to be real – Matthew12:42

Jesus thought the story of Jonah to be real – Matthew 12:40ff

Jesus thought the story of Sodom to be real – Matthew 11:23

The Bible is not a collection of myths, but stories of the power God we serve